HeY, I’m Tiffany Ima!

I’m here to help you embrace your body and move with confidence!


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    Your body is already incredible.

    I’m here to show you how to learn to embrace what you have. 

    You have been bombarded with messages that tell you that your body isn’t good enough.

    You’ve tried all the diets, attempted to cardio away your unhappiness and still felt empty and broken.

    You thought you’d be happier if you dropped those “last 10 pounds” 

    You’ve Googled how to get rid of cellulite.

    You’ve tried growing your butt while minimizing your waist. 

    And you’ve felt like you weren't enough.

    Even if you are struggling with weight and hate looking in the mirror, you can learn to embrace your body and be free of body shame.

    It starts with changing your mindset.

    Get the 5 mindset shifts you need to boost your body confidence

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      MY STORY


      I was ruled by disordered eating, body dysmorphia and obsessed over my body. I was depressed and controlled by my emotions.

      For 15 years, I would move in and out of low lows and high highs and the belief that changing my body would solve it all and make me happy ate away at my mental and physical health. I lived with bulimia, exercise bulimia and tried to binge eat my emotions away. I was sick but I appeared “normal” to everyone else.

      That face that I put on finally crumbled in 2016 – I moved from functioning to becoming unable to have healthy interactions. I struggled to get out of bed for months.

      I was fed up.

      I decided to make a commitment to my wellness and take control of my health.

      I started looking at exercise as a tool for health, not a means to be skinnier. I began journaling regularly to process through all the emotions and learned how to gain control.

      Now I am determined to share with you the benefits of constantly improving your overall well being and recognizing the amazing woman you are.

      Let’s build your joy together!


      • I'm obsessed with color theory

      • French fries are life

      • If you buy me donuts and wine, we'll be BFFs

      • I love thrift shopping

      • I'm half Nigerian

      • I'm just so fresh, so clean (so fresh and so clean clean!)

      *I learned to manage my depression and battle bulimia through regular exercise and consistent self care practices. The information provided on this site and related materials (programs, social media posts, emails) is not intended to replace you seeking medical guidance. If you are suffering from severe depression, or eating disorders. You need to talk to your doctor. My plans are intended to help you but not supplement treatments provided by your doctor.