How To Build A Dynamic Look With Warm And Cool Color Contrast #ColorTheoryInStyle

There are many ways to build truly dynamic outfits without having to include a large amount of color. One of the easiest ways to create a dynamic look is to use the concept of warm and cool color contrast. You can achieve this with neutral colors or saturated colors.

In this outfit, I chose to juxtapose the warm tan of the cape and hat with the cool blue of the denim. The look is instantly more interesting than If I had worn a jacket or cape that was similar in color.

This particular application of color theory can be particularly successful when it is utilized in all neutral outfitting. A lot of people ask:

"What if I don't look good in color?"

I first tell them that everyone looks good in colors – it is just about the right colors! Then I will tell them if they are someone who prefers neutral, there are ways to create a look that insinuates "color" just by being more dynamic. It can be done by layering different textures in addition to using warm and cool color contrast.

The last thing to remember about warm and cool color contrasts is to pick colors that have similar value and saturation to create the most cohesive look!

Now I want you to go into your closet and create a new outfit using the principles here! Once you do, click the button below to let me know on twitter!