1 one 1 Personal Training

You're standing in the mirror wishing that you could drop 10 pounds.  You’ve tried dieting and even bought a gym membership but you’re tired of failing at diets and randomly working out with little results.

This cycle contributes to your depression and anxiety and You’re ready to truly transform your lifestyle and start living fit, healthy and happy.

With my training programs, you will learn how to exercise for function and fitness, and begin your journey to holistic wellness.

  • Your choice of 2, 3 or 4 in-person sessions weekly

  • Customized homework sessions weekly

  • Nutrition Accountability

  • Motivational Emails

  • 24-hour access by phone email (during set office hours or a promise to respond within 24 hours


The Packages


3 Months


2 Sessions/week = $480

4 Sessions/week = $960


6 Months


2 Sessions/week = $470

4 Sessions/week = $950


12 Months


2 Sessions/week = $460

4 Sessions/week = $930