You open your closet and are frustrated with the frumpy clothes that's been there for years.

You've got a conference coming uo, but you feel like nothing works. You find your self scrolling through Instagram wishing you could "magic" the outfits into your closet, and are perplexed when you try to create the same looks

Revive your style with a one-hour strategy session that will give you clarity about your personal image and transform your style.

Life After

  • You stand up straighter and speak with authority.
  • You scroll through Pinterest and Instagram without Outfit FOMO
  • You feel like you could be BFF's with Beyonce.
  • Your closet doesn't make you want to tear your hair out.
  • You feel totally in control – both in photo shoots and speaking gigs
  • You now have go-to power outfits that invigorate you when you wear them