I spent 3 years building a personal style blog while working retail. I lived in the fitting rooms connecting with customers and dressing them for upcoming events or revamping their wardrobe. Then someone asked me for my business card so they could hire me as their stylist. 

At that moment, I realized THAT is what I should be doing. 

My passion is to teach women how to exude confidence through their style. I want you to learn that you can be completely magnetic by combining your style, personality and knowledge into one spectacular package.

I have a degree in Fashion and Retail studies where I studied color theory, the emotional effects of style, and using proportions. Now, you don't need to think about how you should dress – I can do that for you.


  • I'm obsessed with color theory
  • French fries are life
  • If you buy me donuts and wine, we'll be BFFs
  • I love thrift shopping
  • I'm half Nigerian
  • I'm just so fresh, so clean (so fresh and so clean clean!)