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75 Simple Things That Will Energize Your Mind and Body

Holistic wellness encompasses physical, mental and environmental factors that contribute to our overall health.

Here are 75 things you can start doing to improve your health and happiness now.

Start small. Trying to implement 75 new things is not feasible or sustainable. Read through the lists and pick 2-3 changes from each category to start with and you will see benefits immediately. Click through to find out more!

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7 Ways To Change The Way You Think About Exercise

You decided you need to be healthier and are fully aware you need to start exercising regularly and change the way you eat.

You understand that exercise will help you to stabilize your mood and help fight depression so in an attempt to get inspired, you scroll through Instagram and find a fit girl and you think “I want to look like THAT. I few seconds scrolling her feed, you find some crazy booty exercise and immediately think “I’d die if I try that”…

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30 Unbelievably Simple Lessons That Will Make You Love Life

Yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday and over the last few months, I've made some major epiphanies about life.

Yes. It took me 30 years of life to come to some pretty basic conclusions about life. 

This isn't a mind bending post that will leave you thinking "this woman is a genius" but it will make you recognize unhealthy patterns and teach you that you need to love yourself better. 

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