Vision VS. Mission VS. Value Statements: What are they and why Do I Need Them?

You may be wondering what a vision and mission statement is.

I'll bet you're even more baffled by what the heck a values statement is.

Maybe you've heard people throwing these terms around but what do they mean?

More importantly, how do they help you build your blog into a brand?


Before we jump into the what, I want you to understand that before building a style that matches your brand message, you must be clear on your message. That it why you need brand clarity.

Stick around. there is a great Brand Clarity Worksheet at the end. (Alright you can grab it here too...I know I'm impatient!)



Brand clarity is consistently implementing your power trio statements, mission, vision and value. Having brand clarity means that you are moving toward one mark. 

You may veer off a little.

Have a few strokes of genius that you can't ignore.

But it won't matter.

 You will be attracted to the things that will only solidify and corroborate your message. 

Brand clarity is the beginning. You will have no choice but to exude confidence and build your powerful brand image. 



To put it simply, a vision statement declares what a business is working toward.  It is a description of long-term goals and aspirations.


The central focus of what you are currently doing in your business. Your mission explains how you carry out your vision.

This statement is generally not public for larger businesses. It serves as a reminder to the employees. As a blogger or creative entrepreneur, you are usually solo, and it is ok to put it out there.


An educational message about your businesses core values and beliefs. 

Your values statements plays a little on the heartstrings of your client. It includes some type of emotional benefit.

"Your vision is the nucleus of your brand message."

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People often mix up the vision and mission statement. Your vision statement clarifies what you are working toward and your ultimate business goals. Your mission statement is the feeder. It is what you are currently doing and should support your vision. they are closely aligned and both critical pieces of your brand's message.

Here are mine for an example:


To teach creative entrepreneurs how to exude confidence and build a magnetic presence through intentional styling.


To be the go-to resource for brand identity. Empowering women to build effective and powerful brands that are enriching, meaningful and purposeful. This mission is carried out by implementing the five critical elements of branding:

Appearance, Personality, Interaction, Confidence, and Consistency.


The vision talks about the future aspirations and the mission is right in line with the vision for the brand.


√ Clarity

I remember I was sitting in class when I was in 2nd grade having a difficult time seeing the chalkboard. I had a headache and was getting frustrated – I could not see the information I needed. 

It's because my vision wasn't clear.

To get your brand right, you want to be at 20/20. 

As a matter of fact you need to be at 20/20 to continuously project your message

Build a powerful vision statement founded on your goals and business values. It is the best way to establish brand clarity for yourself and your ideal clients. Your mission statement will communicate exactly how you will serve them.

Even better than that?

It will provide you with clarity so that you CAN communicate exactly how you will serve your audience.

Establish brand clarity so that you can communicate exactly how you will serve your audience.

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√ Accountability

A vision and mission statement will shape the foundation of your brand. A strong vision will kick your work into high gear and help you stay on track.

It will make you check yo self before you wreck yo self.


Check yo self before you wreck yo self (I really needed to say that again)

Without a strong vision, you'll just be out there walking in the dark.(the sure recipe for the ultimate wrecking of yo self). With your powerful vision statement in hand, you can constantly ask yourself:

"does this fall in line with my brand message?"

Every time the answer is no you can scrap that. 

Not to mention, the level of motivation you feel when you have set yourself up for success is like no other. Every time you deliver content, it will be better and better. It's all one big circle of self-accountability because as you put out even better content, you will want to put out even better content.

(Say better one more time, Tiff...)

Better freaking everything.

Think about it though.

As you clarify you brand vision, your vision, it begins to seep into aspects of your life. You will find that your vision is something that you find in your personal values.

√  Value

Having a vision, mission and values statements will communicate your businesses value. (the value you offer with your products and services.) This is important for you and for your ideal clients to know your value. Besides, it will help you to consistently project the same message over and over. This will help you develop a trust with your clients and readers. 

Your brand's message written out for yourself will help you constantly deliver brand clarity. 

I am repeating myself because this is like stupid important. I want to drive this concept right into your pretty little brain!

As you build your business you want to be clear. Your potential clients and customers need to see your value. These statements will provide you the confidence to know you are offering the right thing to the right people. 

Makes sense? Good!

Now all you gotta do is download the Brand Clarity Checklist and get to writing!

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Tiffany Ima