Categorizing your style can be extremely difficult because they can be extremely limiting. Sometimes your style is a cross between categories and you cannot decide where you fall. For some this can make it difficult because you need a guide to help you understand your own style and how to build a workable wardrobe around. Well, my friend, I am here to help! I will be providing you with outfit inspiration that defines a specific style category to guide you when you go to your closet. The first post I want to share How to Wear Bohemian Tomboy.


The Bohemian Tomboy is someone who is a free spirit with a preference toward elements of style that are traditional to the Boho-Chic style, however, values the laid-back feel of  "borrowed from the boys" pieces. The Bohemian Tomboy has a tendency wear artsy and feminine pieces as accents to offset the relaxed feel off their look.

Now ya'll know I love my overalls and this relaxed cut off wide leg version is no acception. Adding the belt helps to bring in a feminine element by accentuating your the smallest part of your body.

In the post 3 Fall Transition Outfits You Can Copy, I provided  another example of how to make your relaxed overalls a bit more feminine by adding an off shoulder crocheted top.

Adding a combination of teal and red adds to the artistic side of this look adding more feminine touches to the outfit.

For a head accessory, a full-on tomboy outfit may include a baseball or wide-brimmed hat, but the braided headband brings the bohemian element to the entire look.

Finally adding an oversized denim jacket to the waist is the perfect finish.

Are you the Bohemian Tomboy? What pieces do you tend to "live" in? When it comes to styling your outfits, having a clear vision of what your style type is can save you a lot of time and decrease the amount of effort you have to put in every day.

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