How To Increase Productivity By Getting Dressed Every Day

When you spend most of your time working from home, it's hard to get dressed everyday. There will be days that you won't change out of your pajamas, but the idea is to get into the habit of putting on real clothes.

The benefits of getting dressed to work are undeniable and in the long run, it will help increase your productivity. (Not to mention improve how you look at yourself).

The mindset that you only need to get dressed when you are going somewhere and seeing people is a notion that doesn't apply. The fact is, you get dressed differently when you are seeing people or attending an event. I want to challenge you to kick aside that concept and start getting dressed for yourself. 

Do you have to have a full beat face every day?


Do you need to be walking around your kitchen in a fly dress, slaying while you beat eggs?


What I will challenge you to do on those days is to consider getting dressed in a casual comfortable look, that makes you feel good.

Choose a day to work at a coffee shop and put on some real clothes. (Yoga pants do not count). 

Getting dressed for work, even if you stay at home will help you get in the work mindset, increasing your productivity. 

Getting up and putting clothes on signifies that you are ready to start the day.

When you approach the day with a "all in" attitude, your day goes much better.

Try these five things to help you get into the habit of getting dressed

  • Pick out an outfit the night before
  • Purge and organize your closet so it is easier to find clothes
  • Pick a day to work outside of the house
  • Make sure your closet matches your daily lifestyle (95% everyday clothes, 5% special occasion clothes)
  • Stop buying the same clothes over and over

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I love the idea of mixing items from different seasons together to create a weather appropriate look. This chunky sweater was thrifted last year and I purchased the silky skirt from Madewell. (They still have it on sale!) Adding the tights and tall boots provides the necessary warmth to be appropriate for a brisk fall day. Thicker tights, leggings or even pants would help you carry this look to even colder temperatures this winter.

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