Everyone wants to feel like a million bucks. If you are anything like me (and you must be because you clicked this post), you want to feel your best every single day.

The problem is, well, you don't. There is something standing in the way of you embracing you, and it has nothing to do with the clothes you have. (your closet is a reflection  of you, not a definition).

You are very likely dealing with some self-esteem issue that leaves you feeling like that dollar you found in the washing machine instead.

I hate to sound harsh, but that's old news, right? Everyone has a sad story - something that may keep them down.

I could tell you a sob story and finish with the triumphant overcoming of the obstacle, but I won't. Honestly, you don't need a sob story to motivate you to feel great.

Why not you ask?

Well, it's a bit depressing. Plus, you've heard enough sob stories.

After the heightened emotions go away, you are still left with those same self-esteem issues that you began with. When you dwell on those issues, you are doing yourself a huge disservice, my friend. Instead of focusing on some sad things that happened in your past, focus on being exactly who you are today.

I woke up one-day last week with an epiphanyI'd been going about this thing all backward. I HAD to share it with you because it is honestly so simple.

There may have been a time that hated the way you look, but today, you've accepted yourself, so that is what you focus on.

See the thing is  negative thoughts begets more negative thoughts, so don't even go there. Dwelling on things past is one way to drag you right back to where you were. Why? It's because it can be easier to wallow in pain to get up and keep it moving. Sometimes, misery feels sort of good. I know, I know, most people won't admit it, but it can be fun to wallow (watch Netflix, eat ice-cream, avoid all your issues). Trust me, I've done it a hundred times over! It sounds so simple, but that is really all you need to feel like a million bucks every day.

Negative thoughts begats negative thoughts


Here are 7 ways you can feel like a million bucks every single day of your life:


I know, this may seem like a cop out but no matter how many times people say it, we are all out there taking our blessings for granted. So yep I'm about to beat that dead horse and tell you again:


Acknowledge those wonderful things in your life and thank God for them because it is going to make you feel like a million bucks. Realizing how you are blessed can only improve your state of mind.


That shrill voice telling you that you can't... yeah, just ignore her. She's super annoying and she's lying to you. Carry on.


We get it. Everyone's mantra is "embrace your imperfections" but what does that actually mean? We know by now that imperfection is the norm but when you understand and know what your imperfections are they are, you understand yourself as a person that much more.

I'll tell you a quick story to show you what his is what I mean by levering your strengths:

I always thought my loud clamoring nature was an imperfection. I always thought "if I could just be quieter..." (I will point out that being quieter does not work for me. It's like fighting a cat.) Once I realized that my clamoring nature came with boldness, a willingness to ask for what I need and standing up for myself, my weakness became a strength.


Hey, don't you call me vain!

Remember that time you were a bit behind and your threw something on quickly and ran out the door?  When you finally caught your reflection, you hated your outfit and felt self-conscious for the rest of the day.

Although your clothes aren't everything, looking the way you want to is a way to feel like a million bucks.


Yep. Think about someone other than yourself.

Call me crazy but trust and believe you are not going to feel like a million bucks if you are always self-absorbed. Your beautiful heart and the love you give to others will offer you purpose and meaning that is way more satisfying then always focusing inwardly.

I have to throw in that if you are only helping people for the sole reason of feeling good about yourself, I gotta tell you it won't work. This tip will only work if you have a habit and heart for helping those around you!


Hey, girl  you deserve a donut.

That's a lie.

You deserve a Kale Chicken Salad with a Fresh Citrus Dressing.

You just want a donut.

I want a donut too. Darn it, I'll even have a donut if I REALLY want, but I deserve to feel healthy and strong and that donut just ain't gonna do it.

Making a habit of eating well with your daily intake of sugar being 10% or less of your total consumption, you will feel sooooo much better. Pinky Promise.


Oh c'mon, you knew this was next!

I mean what is usually followed by healthy eating? You don't have to spend hours on the treadmill or even sign up for a bunch of classes (although they are super fun!). I promise you can feel like a million bucks by committing to doing high-intensity interval training for 20 minutes a day. You'll crave more eventually but start there and you'll be good.


So now you know. The key to feeling like a million bucks is true satisfaction. Learning to live each moment and take each stage in your life exactly for what it is. Even if you have larger goals, you will find it much easier to reach them if you learn to be content with who you are.

Now go ahead get out there and take on the world.