Customize Your Style With E-Shakti|Pink Floral Bomber Jacket

You are getting prepared for a conference and realize that you do not have a dress! You freak out and try to find something that works but come up empty. 

Here enters eShakti and their easy-peasy customization. Custom clothing can cost an arm and a leg, but eShakti has created a way to provide custom sizes without the typical custom costs. Even if you choose not to customize with the $9.95, the fit on the garments are amazing. Instead of searching high and low, place an order with eShakti. They have plenty of options and a easy size customization.

I recently received this bomber jacket from eShakti.  I have always recommended them for dresses but never tried anything else.

I wanted a floral bomber jacket but could not find one that was exactly right. My biggest problem with jackets is that I tend to wear them at 3/4 length, which means I constantly push my sleeves back. In this case, I could just customize the sleeve length to what I wanted. This kind of option is perfect for someone who may have long or short arms and need to adjust the sleeve length. 


Placing an order on eShakti is quite simple. As I mentioned earlier the customization is spectacular – the trick is to make sure that you have the appropriate measurements. It is tempting to guess on some things but the objective is to have perfectly fitting clothing. I recommend having someone else measure for you!

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 3.30.54 PM.png

Now click the link to visit their website and get free customization.

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