5 Reasons Being A Style Blogger Kept Me Depressed

styleI am a shopaholic.  There is a rush that comes with bouncing from store to store looking for cool things to add to my collection. I can spend hours an any type of store and find something to purchase. Click through to read how style blogging kept me in a depressed state!

I am a shopaholic.

There is a rush that comes with bouncing from store to store looking for cool things to add to my collection. I can spend hours an any type of store and find something to purchase.

I have come to recognize shopping as a destructive coping mechanism that is a form of self medicating.

In essence - new stuff feels good when other things feel awful.

Sometimes I like to shop just to get my mind off of other things.

As a wellness blogger, I constantly self assess to see areas in my life that need to come into my self care journey - my shopping habit is a glaring pattern I have to break down. It comes from a consumeristic mindset and the feeling of dissatisfaction that constantly feeds the feeling of wanting more.

Being a style blogger majorly contributed to my “need” to continue stocking my closet with cool things.

Here are 5 Reasons Being A Style Blogger Kept Me Depressed.


The comparison game is hard to resist when you are blogging about style. There are so many amazing fashion bloggers in the influencer world and I always felt pressure to keep up with the trends.

I stood on a platform that was about developing your style - a platform I firmly believed in. Even so it was difficult to keep myself from comparing my content to similar bloggers.


It came to a point where any time I’d buy something, I thought about my followers liking it. Even if it ultimately ended up being something I loved, I still considered how it would do on Instagram before I bout it.

I bought trendy things in the hopes of getting more likes.

Last night I picked up a pretty lace purple dress I never wore and wondered why it sat in my closet. I really like it - then it hit me.

I bought it last year to wear on a date with a guy who ghosted.

Who wants to wear a dress that reminds them of a guy who ghosted them?

I probably wouldn’t even have that dress if I didn’t think he would like it.

I realized that years spent buying clothes I thought other people would like led to these kind of purchases.


Which led to guilt.

Even though I love thrift and bargain shopping, I still bought way too many clothes. My closet was overflowing and I did not wear the majority of the items I had.

I used credit cards when I didn’t have the money. Now I’m on a journey to repair my credit and pay off debt.


Last month, I went to sell clothes at a local consignment shop. While I was waiting I looked around. I found a cute denim dress that I fell in love with and wanted to take home ASAP.

Then it hit me:




Simply because I had it for a couple years and felt like it was time to go.

I got rid of a dress I loved on principle.

This moment felt confirmation that My consumeristic mentality was much more prevalent than I thought.

Nevertheless, I used the trade value for some of the clothes I brought in to get my beloved dress back.

In the last four months, I’ve gone through my closet and purged three times. I am in the middle of the third one and it is so liberating because I am able to let go of clothes that remind me of bad habits.


Having a cluttered space has an effect on your mental clarity With the amount of clothes and shoes I had I was surrounded by stuff all the time. It as impossible for me to consistently have productive days in my apartment which led to disappointment and depression.

Every single time I remove more clutter from my home, I feel a little better.

Moving Forward

This year, I am rediscovering my style and committing to living with less. I have changed my perspective of style to one of self love and wellness instead of aiming to please other people. Style is a beautiful expression of your personality - and I’ve found that you don’t need a lot of things to show who you are.

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